Edward A. Kearney

Edward A. Kearney, CCIM


Edward A. Kearney, CCIM, has been a licensed Florida real estate broker located in Palm Beach County for more than 27 years. Since 2000 his primary business has been the sale and leasing of retail, office, industrial properties as well as vacant land. He has worked throughout Florida. His reputation and expertise has been recognized by two Florida State Courts having appointed him as Receiver to preserve, manage and sell nineteen commercial properties.

During the first ten years as a broker, Ed represented more than $1 billion of commercial real estate and more than $250 million of tangible personal property in annual property tax appeals in Palm Beach County and throughout Florida.



What does good service mean? At Kearney Commercial Realty we try to think about how to service our clients, recognizing that they may have a various levels of expertise, experience and different requirements. We have found that the best way to determine the level of service required is to reverse roles. In other words, we try to place ourselves in the same situation as the client and ask ourselves how would we expect or want to be treated.



Reputation and integrity are essential in commercial real estate. In trying to define how we conduct ourselves, we are reminded of Warren Buffet’s mandate to his employees. He demanded that they conduct themselves as if their actions were to be reported on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper. After 25 years our reputation is solid. We are sure that if anything were said about us in a newspaper or in any way, it would likely be good. Further, we make every effort to avoid conflicts of interest by placing our clients best interests before our own.


Ed served as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving Officer in the US Navy on both an aircraft carrier and while in Vietnam. He has three children and seven grandchildren. He enjoys reading, bicycling and plays golf to a 3 handicap.

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