We offer a number of related commercial real estate services:

Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

Owners engage our firm on an exclusive basis to market properties they are interested in selling or leasing. We think it is in the best interests of the landllord for us to engage the entire brokerage community to help find the buyers or tenants willing to make the best offers for the property. Our signage, our regular email blasts to brokers, potential buyers and potential tenants, our broad internet exposure on a number of platforms, and comprehensive information brochures assure us of the broadest exposure possible on behalf of our Palm Beach County clients.  

Tenant Representation

Often a business will have a requirement for a specific office, retail or industrial size and amenities. They will engage our firm on an exclusive basis to Search the market for properties meeting their requirements.  

Landlord Representation


Consulting and Tax Appeals

Property taxes are often the largest expense for any commercial property. Landlords should be very aggressive in evaluating and challenging any assessment that appears excessive. Our consulting work includes broker price opinions and expert witness testimony. We have been in the consulting and tax appeal business in Palm Beach County and South Florida for more than 27 years. 


Courts appoint Receivers to manage and preserve commercial properties for the benefit of lenders and creditors often in bankruptcy cases or foreclosures. Receivers are given broad authority by the courts and are responsible for all aspects of a property from leasing and tenant issues, rent collection, bill payment, pollution problems and sale of the property. We have overseen nineteen properties in our Receivership work in Broward, Martin, St. Lucie , Indian River and Brevard Counties.